Spa Features

Only the best to help you relax

Steam Room

Relax in our Steam Room with a combination of high temperature and 100% humidity, complemented by a fragrant essence increasing blood circulation, relaxing tense muscles and many other therapeutic benefits.

Monsoon Shower

Alongside the Steam Room is a Monsoon shower. Experience the exhilarating features, including a tropical and cool water shower.

Ideally used after the sauna or steam room, alternating the temperature from warm to cold for an exhilarating shower, improving blood circulation to the skin.

Aqua Springs Spa

Our relaxing spa is a fantastic way to spend a day – see for yourself in our new 360° video. You can indulge in our jacuzzis, monsoon shower, saunas, steam, salt inhalation and aroma rooms.

Salt Inhalation Room

The beneficial quality of the “softer” heat in the Salt Inhalation Room is good for alleviating respiratory and sinus problems. It is also effective in hydrating and smoothing the skin and relieving feelings of lethargy.

Spa Pool

A central pool with hundreds of fine water jets which gently massage the entire body to ease away muscle tension.

Hydrotherapy Spas

Sit back and let the Hydrotherapy Spa rejuvenate and invigorate your whole body.  Let the jets of combined air and water relieve and soothe aches and pains.

Aromatherapy Room

Our new Aromatherapy Room is less intense in temperature and humidity with a calming sensation brought about by the diffusion of essential oils into the air around you.

With coloured LED mood lighting, fully tiled and heated walls and benches it will be a perfect gateway to or from any spa treatment enhancing the relaxing, stress-relieving and uplifting experience.


Cool Pool & Ice Cold Plunge

Experience an intense feeling of wellbeing.  Revitalise with a swim in the Cool Pool or a quick dip in the Ice Cold Plunge, boosting the cardiovascular system and sealing pores.


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